Capacity & Sustainability Assessments from Neighborworks Info Webinar

NeighborWorks® America invites Massachusetts community developers to a webinar to learn about how Organizational Assessment Services (OAS) promotes capacity building and sustainability. Through OAS, NeighborWorks has conducted 84 assessments, most for nonprofits outside its network, to provide an objective, in-depth look at all aspects of their organization. The takeaways are engagement of board and staff through the assessment process itself and a final written report with analysis and actionable recommendations for the group’s consideration.


OAS worked with Dorchester Bay Economic Development Corporation in late 2015 when an executive transition was in process. CEO Perry Newman recently said, "The OAS (assessment) conducted by NeighborWorks was extremely thorough and provocative in the best sense of the word. The assessment touched on a great many aspects of our organization and highlighted areas and issues of significance to both board and staff. Now, even two years after it was completed, the assessment remains relevant as we continue to strive to improve our performance and enhance our community impact." 


Industry experts deliver OAS assessments applying a variation on the PROMPT® approach NeighborWorks uses with its affiliates. We’ve worked with organizations of varying sizes, with an urban or rural focus, and at different points in their development, through growth, transitions, and various challenges.  In most cases third party sponsors cover the costs of the work.


Jeff Baloutine from OAS will present an informational session webinar on December 11th at 1 P.M. in conjunction with MACDC and is open to all questions. For more information about OAS, please go to To register, you may reach Jeff at, who will then provide you with a link to the webinar.


Monday, December 11, 2017 - 1:00pm

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